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Contract law experience

Suraj Vyas has a meticulous mind when it comes to contract drafting, amending, reviewing, and counseling. He has experience with land sale contracts, corporate contracts, construction contracts, landlord-tenant contracts, government contracts, employment contracts, leases, and pre- and post-marital agreements (also known as pre- and post-nuptial agreements). Suraj is well versed in contract law and teaches free classes on it at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as well as for private companies, like McNally Bharat Engineering, looking to train their employees. His ability to anticipate potential disputes before they arise and quickly advise on how to rectify the situation or prepare for litigation is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to make a deal. Whether it is at the start of a giant venture or in the middle of a spat between two neighbors, Suraj is qualified to help.

contract drafting, Amending, and reviewing

"Contracts" is an extremely broad area of the law. It could cover anything from a home renovation project to the sale of goods to a prenuptial agreement to the sale of land to a corporation hiring an independent contractor and much more. Mr. Vyas has experience drafting, amending, and reviewing contracts in numerous different areas of the law. Contracts permeate every field of the law and Mr. Vyas has taken the fundamental legal knowledge of contracts and developed a system to apply it into any field. Mr. Vyas understands the fundamentals of offer, acceptance, and consideration, but contracts don't begin and end with those basics. Mr. Vyas is capable of drafting a custom contract to your liking in a short turnaround time. At The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas, you can rest assured you will not only get the contract to meet your needs, but also a strong advisory voice. Mr. Vyas does not shy away from telling it like it is. He believes clients should know exactly what they could get themselves into by inserting certain clauses or sentences into a contract. Some attorneys shy away from having open discussions with clients in fear of financial repercussions. Mr. Vyas prides himself of being able to communicate the possible defects of a suggested change in a way that is not tearing down a client, but rather educating them and, many times, offering a new way to achieve the goal the client wants.

contractual advice

Perhaps you're not actually drafting a contract and don't need help reviewing it. There are many other instances in which you may need contractual advice before a formal contract is actually written up. Have you made numerous offers to different people, but only have the resources to deliver on one? Do you need to revoke some of those offers? Did they already accept your offer, but you're not even sure if that's enough for them to sue you if you back out? Did you say you'd keep the offer open for a certain amount of time, but now you don't want to? Tons of issues can come up before a formal agreement is even made and The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas can guide you through the entire process from the conception of your idea to the final agreement between the parties.

Contract disputes

Did you sign something that made no sense at all, but you were "forced" into signing it? This a a huge problem in today's society. With every single website, device, and door you enter, it seems like we're all agreeing to all sorts of end user license agreements and terms and conditions that not many of us even read. Mr. Vyas can not only communicate any of those long documents to you in a way that doesn't make you head spin, but can actually see if something that you signed isn't even able to be upheld in a court of law because of it being incomprehensible.

Oral contracts

The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas has had clients who call us about verbal agreements they made with someone, but nothing was actually formally written down. Although certain agreements are void unless they are written down, many agreements can still hold up even if there is no writing in place. Of course, we always recommend written contracts, but the lack of writing is not an automatic loss. An agreement can be proven to exist in other ways and with the right circumstances, Mr. Vyas can find them.