Honing My Skills

During my college years and through law school, I spent my Summer and Winter breaks working as a manager, and eventually a guest professor, at Pro-Care Project Administrators and Management Advisors, a court stenographer at Project Services, and served as a secondary advocate at Project Engineers. Project Engineers was my first real introduction into the world of law. I joined the company to learn about engineering, but ended up attending arbitration and conciliation meetings to serve as a backup to the primary advocate in front of Arbitral Tribunals composed of Ex-Supreme Court Justices of India. Rather than figuring out the dynamic load of a bridge, I conducted primary research and contributed ideas towards twelve construction law cases and one partnership dispute case. Pro-Care provided me with the essential skills any attorney would need. As a manager, I was afforded the opportunity to create and manage seminars concerning dispute resolution and even to speak as a guest at the Association of Engineers and Builders in Ahmedabad, India in August 2009. As a guest professor, I was able to teach contract law classes at The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and McNally Bharat Engineering. Project Services was my chance to learn how judges think and act while hearing cases. I was able to take dictations, minutes of the meeting, and general notes for Supreme Court Chief Justices of India in 10 major metropolitan cities while working at Project Services. Over the years, I was also able to serve as an instructor for another company, Ed-On Center. There, I taught math, science, engineering, and contract law with half a dozen other speaking opportunities in front of hundreds of people. I realized that by teaching material over and over you begin to see things you never saw at first and really understand concepts you thought you already had understood.

Trained Internationally

Sunset at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India.

Pre-opening viewing check of GVK's work on Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal T2 in Mumbai, India as a part of my work at Ed-On Center

A photo memorializing my time teaching at IIT Bombay as a part of my work with Pro-Care Project Administrators and Management Advisors

A residential renovation project I oversaw as project manager while working at Rising Sun Engineering & Consulting.

Since the year I was born, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to visit my motherland of India for approximately four months of the year every year. Through this amazing opportunity, I have grown up embedded in two completely different cultures: American and Indian. With my bicultural outlook, I am able to bring a whole new perspective on various issues throughout my life and now, those of my clients. The advantage of having a strong connection to one’s heritage cannot be explained in one short story or incident. The advantage is shown throughout the lifetime of a multicultural individual. The little things someone can learn by being part of two cultures and knowledge that can be applied from one culture to another is simply phenomenal.

My love for travel has expanded far past India. I have traveled across the world, from Malaysia to France to Ecuador & the Galapagos Island to Singapore to Trinidad & Tobago to Italy to Peru to England and to at least 100 other countries. These experiences have enriched my life and allowed me to be a better member of not only American society, but the global society as a whole. The knowledge I have gained from various cultures allows me to be open to new ideas and to listen to people without bias. I apply these teachings to my legal work. I can go into meetings and subdue the idea of prejudice and stereotype. This ability to be willing to hear others opinions has propelled me forward in leadership roles multiple times in my life, both academically and professionally.

Being in the first generation of my family that grew up outside of India, I strive for excellence in everything that I do and immerse myself fully in what I am doing. This is my chance to help people. I am able to take in what I learned from American culture and fuse it with my knowledge of Indian culture and optimize the way I practice law.