Get your record cleaned before it's too late.


criminal law Experience

Suraj Vyas handles criminal record expungement as a part of his Pro Bono work with Disability Rights Maryland. Contact him immediately if there is a crime on your record in order to see if he can get it removed. Suraj has also assisted on defense matters for nonviolent and violent crimes.

Criminal defense

Mr. Vyas has knowledge of how to defend against inchoate offenses like conspiracy or attempts at crimes. Mr. Vyas employs tactics to get you the best possible chance at freedom. Homicide, sex offenses, property offenses, offenses against habitation, offenses involving judicial procedure, drug offenses, and more can be fought. Book a consultation to see how Mr. Vyas can give you your life back using his knowledge of fair trials, rules of evidence, illegal searches and seizures, confessions, discovery tactics, Mr. Vyas is also knowledgeable about juvenile court proceedings.