Through my education, I didn’t just develop skills, I didn’t just develop the ability to learn, but I developed confidence.
— Michelle Obama

I, Suraj Vyas, am capable of becoming competent to represent you in any area of the law.

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Having a multitude of local and international contacts in a myriad of legal practice areas allows The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas to serve you no matter the issue. Although The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas, LLC has a history of construction and contract law, I am trained to perform rapid and thorough research in any area of the law. However, if I can't help you, I will direct you to someone who can help. With a passion for learning, a high exam clearance score on the Multistate Bar Exam, Maryland Bar Exam essays, and eligibility for waiver for the D.C. Bar Exam, I am confident I have the skills to represent you in any practice area. Whether it be copyright law*, class action, medical malpractice, or anything else, I will do my best to serve your needs.

*Disclaimer: This should not be confused with patent law. Though I am currently in the middle of the application process for the patent bar exam, I am not a registered patent agent or patent attorney yet. Therefore, I cannot write or prosecute patent applications before the United States Patent Trademark Office.