A general law practice with a customized approach.


The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas, LLC is a general law practice with a focus on construction law and contract law. However, we know that every client's case is unique. In order to best serve you, we adapt and alter our approach as needed to ensure you have a fair chance at the result you want. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our firm. We know everything flows from there and everything pours into it. At our firm, customer service is not a department, it’s a habit.


InternationalLY Trained.

Suraj Vyas has had legal training both in the United States as well as India. Being able to draft comprehensive memoranda for judges and letters to international clients explaining complex legal topics across oceans is what sets him apart from other attorneys.

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Locally grown.

Suraj Vyas was born and raised in Maryland. He understands the ins and outs of the legal rules of Maryland and Federal courts. His ability to maintain composure in the face of obscure statutes and contradictory case law is one of his greatest strengths.

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Virtually Everywhere.

Suraj Vyas runs a virtual law practice. It’s 2019. Don’t take time off of work to visit a lawyer at his or her office. Don’t worry about adjusting your schedule just to fit in a consultation. Don’t let one more thing take away the control you have over your time and your life. Meeting in person is never an issue, but Mr. Vyas saves you time and energy and gets you the solution you need as quickly and efficiently as possible wherever you need it. Whether he’s at the local courthouse or dealing with an international case abroad, Mr. Vyas is available.

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