We're on Amazon! (Kinda)

Posted by Suraj A. Vyas | 1 minute read

Hello Everyone,

I have a quick, but exciting, update to share with all of you! I have been working as a volunteer contributor on a book and it is finally up for purchase on Amazon! The book is called "Laws for Engineers" and it's a great book for any engineer, attorney, judge, arbitrator, and curious individual to own. It covers all sorts of case law and statutory law that applies to the engineering industry and construction law. The book touches on contracts, arbitration, limitation of damages, theories of evidence, and much more.


I'm hoping you pick it up and give it a read. I'd love to chat with anyone about the book and thoughts you had while reading it. 

Click here to see the Amazon listing.


Suraj A. Vyas, Esq.

Disclaimer: Suraj Vyas and The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas, LLC do not receive any proceeds from the sale or advertisement of this book.

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