Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages

Posted by Suraj A. Vyas | 10 minute read

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesdays on the SAV Law Firm Blog. Today, Dr. Kirty Dave is back and has brought Dr. Vandana Bhatt as well. The two have submitted a short paper on extension of time and liquidated damages. We hope you enjoy!

Dr. Vandana Bhatt, PhD

Dr. Vandana Bhatt, PhD

Dr. Bhatt got her start working as a Class I officer in the Government of India before moving on to work as a techno-legal consultant. She specializes in all things related to techno-legal construction law, whether that’s arguing against a liquidation damages clause or helping clients work through ambiguous terms in a contract. Dr. Bhatt has also published a book titled Laws of Engineers as a reference text for budding engineers and legal professionals.

Feel free to email Vandana and open a dialogue with her about her work. You can reach her at procare@technolegal.org.

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