Glossary of Legal Terms for Engineers

Posted by Suraj A. Vyas | 25 minute read


Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesdays at SAV Law Firm Blog! Continuing the trend of easy to swallow information, guest blogging, and appealing to our construction law audience, we have a glossary of terms that are important must-knows for any engineer. Regardless of whether you are going through an encounter with the law, these terms will help you understand the documents you and your team are signing when taking on a project. We wanted to post these early on during the life of our blog so that these terms could be referenced in future works without being worried that a reader may not know the meaning. We hope that you enjoy learning this "legal jargon" and also hope your return whenever you need to reference important terms.

This week's Wisdom Wednesdays post was sent in by two sister companies working together: Project Engineers and Project Services, both with experience in engineering and consultation services.

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