Delay Damages Dispute

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Today marks the beginning of our weekly blog segment, Wisdom Wednesdays! Wisdom Wednesdays are going to be used to educate people about the law in an easy-to-approach manner. Because we are primarily a construction law and contract law firm, it would only be appropriate to start with a construction law topic: Delay Damages. Today's work is written by Dr. Kirty Dave.

Dr. Dave is a techno-legal consultant, attorney, advocate, and engineer from India who has handled construction projects costing upwards of one billion dollars. He has served as a legal consultant to numerous governments over the years, including the United States of America, Iran, Oman, and India. He also serves as an arbitrator on the International Courts of Commerce in Paris. Dr. Dave also takes part in international arbitration research programs at Harvard University. In addition to practicing law, Dr. Dave runs his own construction firm. In his free time, Dr. Dave shares his wisdom with the world, volunteering as a professor, guest lecturer, and keynote speaker at top universities and post-graduate programs around the globe as well as free workshops for many government and private organizations. Dr. Dave is currently an elected member of the Indian Council of Arbitration, India’s governing body on arbitration, and works on the editorial board of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Today, Dr. Dave has chosen to share one of his earlier writings. He sees this piece as one to be used for education and as inspiration for up-and-coming attorneys with an interest in construction law and engineers. He says, “I wrote this a long time ago, through the eyes of an engineer, rather than an advocate. A delay damages claim was brought against my own construction company and I didn’t have the money to afford a lawyer. So, I learned the law myself and came out successful. I wanted to pass on what I learned to other engineers so that they would not be signing contracts haphazardly without knowing exactly what the law says. This document is partially me sharing and documenting my experience and what I learned during the time before I was a full-fledged attorney.” 

Dr. Kirty Dave, PhD

Dr. Kirty Dave, PhD

Enjoy Dr. Dave's wise words and leave a comment letting us know what you thought of it. If you want to reach out to Dr. Dave personally, feel free to contact him at

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